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Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Welcome to Northern Christian College, Inc.

Online Enrollment Form S.Y. 2023-2024 (for College Students, Graduate School, & K-12 BES)

For K-12 Students

Online Enrollment Form for K to 12 click on this link or scan QR code below

For College Students  and Graduate School

Online Enrollment Form for College Levels click on this link or scan QR code below


Important Dates to Remember:
- June 9: NSTP Completion Ceremonies
- June 13: Commissioning Rites for Theology graduates
- June 14: Nursing RLE Culminating Ceremonies
- June 16: BACCALAUREATE Service and COMMENCEMENT Exercises
- June 19-22: GRACE period for students to submit APPEALS (academic and disciplinary)
- June 23 to 28: HEALTH BREAK for ALL NCC personnel, so the offices will be closed
- June 29: BES Recognition ceremonies
- June 30: BES Moving-Up and Graduation
- July 3: *ENROLLMENT for College and Graduate School begins
- July 10: *ENROLMENT for Nursery to Grade 12
- September 4: CLASSES begin for AY 2023-2024
- September 18: LAST DAY for Late Enrolment and Change of Matriculation

* For the PRIVACY and PROTECTION of NCC stakeholders, including potential enrolees, we are TEMPORARILY SUSPENDING ONLINE ENLISTMENT, until we have completed our INVESTIGATION on and devised a SOLUTION for the INFILTRATION of the NCC WEBSITE by malicious individuals who have attempted to steal data of our stakeholders.

Thank you for your interest and God bless you.

School of Social Work

Social Work Program

         The Social  Work  Program  formally  opened in 1994, the first of  its kind in Ilocos Norte  offering Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW).

          The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) is an undergraduate program that prepares students for direct (generalist) practice of social work with individuals, families, groups, and communities.  The profession aims to advance the growth and empowerment of people, development and social progress of communities, and greater justice and equality of societies where there exist oppression, discrimination, and equality among marginalized people.

           Further, it requires the acquisition and application of beginning level of knowledge, attitudes, values, and skills in enhancing the social functioning of people (client system) with needed resources improving the operation of social service delivery networks and promoting social justice through advocating for just social policies.

           The program adheres to the global standards for social work education and training with the following competency standards:

  1. Knowledge and skills in the generalist process and planned changed process within the micro-meso- macro practice continuum for the purposes of developmental, protective, preventive, and /or therapeutic intervention;
  2. The development of critical self- reflective and ethically active practitioners;
  3. Ability to practice in various contexts, e.g. respect for diverse ethnic and cultural groups, including those with special needs.


          The BSSW graduate is highly assured of job opportunities in the private, public, or business sectors, addressing social needs, issues, and concerns of various sectors such as children, youth, peasants, workers, women, urban poor, migrants, indigenous people, and most of all, for the satisfaction in serving one’s fellowmen.

General Orientation 2022

Glory to God! Finally! After two academic years of online classes and distance education, the Northern Christian College, Inc. welcomed the hopeful freshmen and freshwomen in a face-to-face General Orientation conducted on September 7, 2022 at the NCC Auditorium 9:00- 11:30 AM for the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2022-2023. This activity was organized by the Office of Student Affairs and graced by the presence of Dr. Lucris Carina Agnir-Paraan (President & CEO), who led the administration in welcoming the resilient and hopeful freshies. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, Northern Christian College, Inc. has persevered, prevailed, and continues to stand tall, pursuing its mission as an institution for better life, a life more abundant in the service of and blessed by God.