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Change of Matriculation

Change of Matriculation: Adding, Changing, or Removing Subjects


  1. This is allowed within the first three weeks of classes, but only within the first two weeks for unvalidated students (students who have not made the minimum down payment).
  2. Pay P 10 adding/changing fee at the Cash Management Office. After paying, you may get the form from the Cashier.
  3. Fill out the form and seek the approval of your dean after which you may now proceed to the Registrar’s office for approval and encoding of the subjects in the SIAS.
  4. Proceed to the Accounting Office for the printed re-assessment.


Dropping of a subject after the first three weeks is still allowed, for valid reasons, but will be listed as “OD” (officially dropped) within the first six weeks of the semester and within the second week of classes in summer, provided the student has not incurred more than 20% absences. The student will not incur a failing grade if s/he follows the procedure to its completion.