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Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Welcome to Northern Christian College, Inc.

Graduate School



Graduate School Mission

The Graduate School of the Northern Christian College commits itself to develop people to become creative and responsive citizens through relevant Christian education, research, and community service.


Graduate School Objectives

  1. To develop leaders in education and public administration for national growth;
  2. To stimulate research geared towards development, including the presentation, transmission, and enrichment of the cultural heritage;
  3. To improve competence in teaching, educational supervision, administration and management, guidance and counseling, and public administration;
  4. To upgrade personal development in communication skills and reasoning power.


Organizational Structure

The chief operating officer of the Graduate School is the dean who is designated by the college president with the approval of the Board of Trustees. The dean exercises overall administration and supervision of the graduate programs. S/he reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and sits in the Academic Council. The office of the Graduate School is located at the Founder’s Hall. The classrooms are found at the Founders’ Hall and at the Evangelische Zentralstelle fur Entwicklungshilfe (EZE) Building.


Academic Programs

The Graduate School offers Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), major in Educational         Management; Master of Arts in Education (MAEd.), with major in the following three (3) areas: Administration and Management, Guidance and Counseling, and Instructional Management; and Master in Public Administration (MPA).


The Master of Arts in Education (Revised Curriculum, 2008-2009) has 3 fields of specialization: Administration and Management; Guidance and Counseling; and     Instructional Management.


Administration and Management

This program prepares current and future school leaders to meet the professional demands of ideal educational leadership. The courses develop the students’ competence related to effective leadership and educational management practices. It also allows the students to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of curriculum development, teaching and learning, and the supervision of instruction. Exposure to research about current realities as well as emerging trends and issues in various aspects of educational administration and management ensures a continuing growth and effectiveness of the school leaders. They are prepared to conduct scholarly reviews that will address relevant issues in their school setting.


Guidance and Counseling

This program prepares students to become proficient in the various aspects of school        guidance and counseling. The course offers graduate coursework in the development and  management of relevant functional school program and services; the diagnosis of the students’        educational, vocational, and personal needs and concerns in the implementation of appropriate counseling techniques and intervention programs; psychological measurement and evaluation; and research methodology. The students are prepared to conduct scholarly research that will address    relevant issues in their own school setting.


Instructional Management

This program prepares students to use a variety of tools and media to support teaching and learning. It covers the production and management of learning resources and educational media and the application of technology to enhance the teaching and learning environment. Students are prepared to conduct scholarly research that will address relevant issues related to the use of educational media and technology in their own setting.


Master in Public Administration (MPA)  [Revised Curriculum 2011-2012]

The Master in Public Administration program prepares individuals to serve as managers in the executive and of local, provincial, regional, and national government agencies, in non-government organizations, and non-profit sectors. Its emphasis is on the development of sound skills achieved through the integration of theory and practice. It requires in the students analytical and administrative skills, ability to apply various management tools, and in-depth knowledge in specific policy areas.


Doctor of Education, major in Educational Management (Revised Curriculum 2009-2010)

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) is an academic and research-oriented degree for current and would-be administrators at all levels of education, including education specialists and    faculty members at the tertiary level. Its emphasis is on academic excellence with research             orientation for effective management of the school system. It develops in the students sound decision-making ability and prepares them to meet the demand for national and international development goals.