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Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
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School of Theology

School of Theology


Program Description


 The undergraduate Christian Formation program in Theology seeks to:

  1. Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and intellectual formation of the students;
  2. Provide a basic and integrated knowledge of theology in the light of the Holy Scriptures, historical tradition and current issues in a manner relevant to the local and other cultures; and,
  3. Provide structures of learning to develop skills in theological reflection.


Degree Name

The degree program described herein is Bachelor of Arts in Theology (AB Theology).


Nature of the Field of Study

This program is designed to equip students with the balanced training of academic biblical/theological study, evangelical spirituality and competencies expressed through ministry skills, theological contextualization and the ability to communicate well the truths of the Christian faith. Students will be equipped toward a ministry path that is geared toward theological reflection, education, as well as research and writing in the field of theology.


Program Goals

The program will specifically:

  1. Equip students to understand Christian Theology and expound the Holy Scriptures according to sound interpretative principles, aided by the Christian faith;
  2. Empower the students to articulate and defend the basic set of beliefs of the Christian faith;
  3. Develop skills in interpreting, articulating, and communicating key theological and ministerial issues;
  4. Enable students to practice Christian theology and model a life showing an internally formed Scriptural holiness.


Specific Professions/Careers/Occupations

Graduates of the aforementioned program may go into teaching in Theology schools, and administering a Church through its teaching/preaching ministries, research and writing.


Allied Fields

Graduates of the aforementioned program may also qualify as administrators or faculty of the following degree programs: AB Pastoral Studies; AB Christian Ministries; AB Intercultural Ministries; AB Christian Education; and AB Sacred Music.


Program Outcomes

The minimum standards for the Bachelor of Arts in Theology (AB Theology) program are expressed in the following minimum set of learning outcomes:

  1. Expound on the teachings of the Holy Scripture according to sound interpretive principles, aided by the insights of Christian faith in accordance with the proven academic standards;
  2. Interpret key ministerial issues through the multiple lenses of Bible, theology, spirituality and the Social Sciences;
  3. Articulate and defend the basic set of beliefs of the Christian faith;
  4. Communicate the Christian faith through the faithful exercise of preaching, teaching and writing.
  5. Practice theology by applying one’s own understanding of the Bible to particular contexts in such a way that transformation is achieved in one’s sphere of influence.
  6. Model a life showing an internally formed Scriptural holiness.