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Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
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Institutional Outcomes

Institutional Outcomes of Northern Christian College (NCC)


Each heading below is one of seven general competencies that NCC desires for its graduates and envisions that they manifest. Under each competency are the targeted general performance indicators that NCC students are expected to demonstrate in order to show satisfactory acquisition of said competencies. The program outcomes of each college/department will necessarily flow from these competencies and targeted general outcomes. These competencies are also reflected in all syllabi, along with outcomes specific to the respective subjects.


  1. INFORMATION LITERACY – NCC students should be able to:
  • Describe the nature, elements, and functions of the various concepts and processes in their respective disciplines
  • Practice the special skills and competencies they acquire in their respective disciplines
  • Recognize the interdisciplinarity of various domains of knowledge


  1. CRITICAL THINKING NCC students should be able to:
  • Perform scientific methods of inquiry properly and appropriately
  • Evaluate multimodal texts critically to enhance learning
  • Apply analytical and evaluation skills to thinking tasks inside and outside the classroom


III. COMMUNICATION CAPABILITY NCC students should be able to:

  • Convey ideas through clear, coherent, and effective oral- audio-visual, and/or web-based presentations
  • Present ideas persuasively and creatively
  • Adopt cultural and intercultural awareness and sensitivity in communication of ideas
  • Include considerations of audience and context in preparing presentations
  • Write and present papers using appropriate tone, style, conventions, and reference modes


  • Show understanding and appreciation of Filipino uniqueness and, at the same time, the commonalities shared with other people of other cultures
  • Recognize the special niches that Filipinos have carved out for themselves in the global scene
  • Seek ways to contribute productively to local, national, and global societies
  • Demonstrate civic capacities


  1. CHRISTIAN CHARACTERNCC students should be able to
  • Exhibit love for God, forgiveness of sins, unconditional love, renunciation of violence
  • Manifest concern for life, curiosity, stewardship, integrity, discipline, and objectivity in their day-to-day decisions
  • Take responsibility for the consequences of their actions
  • Demonstrate willingness to serve the marginalized, the underprivileged, the other-abled, and all those whom Christ identified as the “neighbor” to whom we should show love


  1. ETHICAL AND RESPONSIBLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY NCC students should be able to:
  • Employ appropriate use of technology to support learning activities
  • Exhibit intellectual honesty and stewardship in the use of technology in the learning process
  • Show proper care for school equipment and property


VII. GENDER RESPECT NCC students should be able to:

  • Express respect for different genders in one’s speech and action
  • Appreciate differences in the nature of genders while at the same time acknowledging equality in abilities and potentials
  • Value the contributions of all persons, regardless of gender
  • Manifest desire for equitable access to opportunities for all genders, and
  • Contribute toward such end in terms of ideas and action