School of Arts, Sciences, and Social Work



Arts and Sciences Program

     The Arts and Sciences Program offered under this college is Bachelor of Arts (AB) with majors in History, English, Political Science, and Environmental Science. The  program is the study of the Arts with Natural & Social Sciences as well as studies in humanities and other disciplines, intended to facilitate the integral development of an individual in order to enable him/her to effect changes in himself/herself and his/ her environment to realize fullness of human life.

     The Arts and Sciences program aims to:

  1. Provide general knowledge in arts and sciences to strengthen awareness to economics, socio-political and spiritual needs, and demands of the environment;
  2. Maximize students’ ability to think critically and creatively, to communicate effectively and to act ethically and responsibility in planning, problem solving, and decision making;
  3. Participate actively in the preservation and enrichment of the desirable elements of cultural heritage for the attainment of quality life;
  4. Promote peace and value for the dignity and worth of persons in a rapidly changing world and pluralistic society;
  5. Infuse desirable moral and spiritual values empowered by the Christian faith for a meaningful witness and service.




Per CMO No. 24 s. 2017

Effective School Year 2018-2019



Program Description

          The courses  in  the  program  are  designed  to  integrate  theory  and  practice  to  prepare  the  students  for  effective communication in English in diverse contexts and situations.

          Global communication in the twenty-first century is made possible by the use of a language understood by all. That language is English, the medium used in the pursuit of knowledge, the advancement of science and technology, and the development of business and industry. It gives humankind access to the infinite resources of the Internet and thus enables countries to work together to achieve their common goals. New information and research findings are efficiently shared in this international lingua franca.

          As an official language in the Philippines, English is used in government and law, education, media, business, and industry. As such, there is a demand for graduates who not only have adequate facility of English but can competently and effectively use the language in different contexts and for various purposes.


Program Outcomes

       The minimum standards for the AB English Language/AB English Language Studies program are expressed in the following program outcomes:

  1. Articulate a comprehensive and contextualized view of the English language system and development.
  2. Communicate in English (both oral and written) fluently, accurately, and creatively in diverse social, cultural, academic, and professional settings.
  3. Facilitate English language learning and use in diverse social, cultural, academic, and professional settings.
  4. Teach English communication skills using knowledge of best practices.
  5. Enhance literacy development and critical/creative thinking among students through the use of different types of texts.
  6. Engage in English language research relevant to the school and workplace settings.


Social Work Program

         The Social  Work  Program  formally  opened in 1994, the first of  its kind in Ilocos Norte  offering Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW).

          The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) is an undergraduate program that prepares students for direct (generalist) practice of social work with individuals, families, groups, and communities.  The profession aims to advance the growth and empowerment of people, development and social progress of communities, and greater justice and equality of societies where there exist oppression, discrimination, and equality among marginalized people.

           Further, it requires the acquisition and application of beginning level of knowledge, attitudes, values, and skills in enhancing the social functioning of people (client system) with needed resources improving the operation of social service delivery networks and promoting social justice through advocating for just social policies.

           The program adheres to the global standards for social work education and training with the following competency standards:

  1. Knowledge and skills in the generalist process and planned changed process within the micro-meso- macro practice continuum for the purposes of developmental, protective, preventive, and /or therapeutic intervention;
  2. The development of critical self- reflective and ethically active practitioners;
  3. Ability to practice in various contexts, e.g. respect for diverse ethnic and cultural groups, including those with special needs.


          The BSSW graduate is highly assured of job opportunities in the private, public, or business sectors, addressing social needs, issues, and concerns of various sectors such as children, youth, peasants, workers, women, urban poor, migrants, indigenous people, and most of all, for the satisfaction in serving one’s fellowmen.