Basic Education School



            The Basic Education School of Northern Christian College offers kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and senior high school.  It intends to substantially improve the basic education of the students and thereby qualify them after graduation from Senior High School either for further education by going to college or the university, or for immediate employment in the upper levels of the job market with their newly-acquired high-level skills.


     The Basic Education School seeks to:

  1. Provide spiritual growth and development in order to infuse Christian ideas;
  2. Provide adequate academic preparation for quality college work;
  3. Provide guidance for appropriate and relevant choices of career;
  4. Train students in the effective performance of responsibilities;
  5. Develop personal discipline;
  6. Prepare students to take their place in society as citizens dedicated to the service of their fellowmen;
  7. Provide a mechanism for parent involvement in the education of their children;
  8. Continue to promote the objectives of elementary education;
  9. Infuse values to enhance the worth and dignity of the individual; and
  10. Provide vocational training for self-reliance and self-sufficiency.