Late Registration and Validation


  1. Enrolment Period: All students should be officially enrolled within the first two weeks after the start of classes as it appears in the college calendar of activities. Students who are unable to make the nominal fee/minimum down payment are considered “unvalidated”, which means their names will not yet appear in the class list.
  2. Because NCC is a Christian school and practices Christian compassion, unvalidated students may already attend classes from the first day, so as not to incur absences. However, they must make the minimum down payment within the first two weeks of classes.
  3. Late Registration: Any student who fails to enroll within the first two weeks of classes as stipulated above will be considered a late enrollee and will be charged a late enrolment fee. Furthermore,s/he will be counted as absent if s/he enrolls beyond the two-week grace period for unvalidated students. Enrolment ends three working days prior to the Commission on Higher Education’s deadline for submitting the final list of validated enrollees.