NCC Students in Other HEI

Cross-Enrolment of NCC Students in Other Higher Education Institutions


1. Cross-enrollment in other colleges and universities is generally discouraged. However, for valid reasons as determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) and upon her/his recommendation to the President for the latter’s approval, a student may be issued a permit to cross-enroll in another school.

2. Valid reasons include:

2.1. The subject needed by a student is not offered or is no longer offered in NCC, usually as a result of changes or revisions in the curriculum.

2.2. The subject is closed, dissolved or in conflict with another subject, and the student is in his/her final semester.

3. If such valid reasons exist, then cross-enrollment may be granted under the following conditions:

3.1.The course description of the subject in the host school is similar to that of NCC.

3.2.Students cannot cross-enroll in more than one school per semester/term.

4. The procedure on cross-enrollment is as follows:

4.1. Write a letter to the President through the VPAA, detailing reasons for desiring cross-enrollment.

4.2. Your letter should contain the endorsement signature of the Program Head/Program Coordinator and Dean.

4.3. Submit the letter with all necessary signatures to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, for endorsement for approval of the President.