Cross-Enrolment of Students from Other Higher Education Institutions


  1. Students from other Higher Education Institutions are accepted for cross-enrolment in the undergraduate level if the desired subject is offered during the semester.
  2. If the subject is not offered, student/s can appeal for its offering as a special class. A special class can be opened when the number of students is met, as follows: 5 for major subjects and 10 for General Education subjects.
  3. If the required number of students is not met, the students requesting for the offering of the subject(s) will have to shoulder the financial cost of opening the subject. For instance, 3 students in a major subject will have to shoulder the cost for the two lacking enrollees.
  4. No tutorial class is opened for students who are cross-enrolling at NCC. (Tutorial classes are allowed only for graduating students whose special circumstances have caused them to miss a subject, and only with the express approval of the President, through the recommendation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs).