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Written by Nelson S. Lacadin   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 09:12


Upon admission into the Graduate School, a student is required to organize his/her Advisory Committee and formulate his/her plan of coursework during the first term of residence. It shall be composed of:

Master’s degree

- an adviser who is also the chairman of his/her committee; should have a specialization in the degree pursued by the student

- two other members with one representing the student’s major field and the other one his/her cognate


Doctoral degree

- an adviser who is also the chairman of his/her committee; should have a specialization in the degree being pursued by the student

- three other members composed of two from the major field and one from his/her cognate


The members of the Advisory Committee are chosen by the student from among the faculty. An outsider can become a member but not as chairman. They give their approval by signing the Advisory Committee form in three copies, one is submitted to the Graduate School, and included in the folder of the student, one is submitted to the Registrar’s Office and the other one is kept by the student.


Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee

1. Assists the student in his/her plan of coursework.

2. Guides the new student during registration.

3. Monitors and evaluates the student’s performance.

4. Guides the student identify his/her research problem for his/her thesis/dissertation.

5. Assesses student’s readiness to take the comprehensive examination.

6. Supervises the student in the conduct of his/her thesis/dissertation.


The Advisory Committee may be reconstituted upon request of the student duly recommended by the major adviser and approved by the dean of the Graduate School using the prescribed form. Reconstitution may be made when a member ceases to be connected with the College due to retirement or resignation or when one voluntarily signifies his/her intention to be replaced in the Committee.



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